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A dog’s bed to dream of

My dogs are probably quite spoilt in the same way my kids are.  I am very strict but dote on them, whether on two legs or four.
I had been given a jelly roll from True Spirit fabrics.  Not really my taste but I kept it.  Looking at my dog’s old bed (a knackered single duvet that has seen better days) gave me an idea.  I sewed the strips in pairs, cut them into squares and then did the windmill pattern you can see here.  I’m not a very experienced quilter so I’m probably not using all the right terms.


Anyway, as soon as I took it home Buster claimed it, very happily.  He quite likes flowery fabric.
Oh yes and here is how my husband makes sure the dogs get one meal at a time! It just tickles me every time I see it. Dairylea boxes are so useful.




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