30 go to Edinburgh

If any of you saw the wonderful Union Jack flag on the Rowan stand at Ally Pally, knitted entirely in British Wool, you may have noticed that it didn’t seem to be quite finished.  It’s not that the lovely people at Rowan simply ran out of time, it is because this flag will form the centre piece of an event that takes place this week as part of the Campaign forWool and Love Wool UK. 
Around 30 Knitters including lucky old me will be travelling all the way to Edinburgh tomorrow, feverishly knitting squares on the way up and sewing them into the flag on the way down.  I believe we have taken over a whole carriage and I am really looking forward to spending time with the folks from Rowan, bloggers like Lauren O’Farrell from Stitch London and Whodunnknit, students from the RCA and our hosts, the Campaign for Wool.
The finished flag will be unfurled at Kings Cross on 18th October at about 5pm and I will be blogging and posting pictures on twitter as we go  @julietbernard.

1 comment on “30 go to Edinburgh

  1. Sounds like lots of fun!

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