So, George, what’s wrong with knitting?

This wasn’t quite how I imagined launching Planet Handmade, but this morning our chancellor, George Osborne, became the proverbial straw that broke this camel’s back.
His little quip on Radio 4s Today programme (go to 10mins 50 secs) doesn’t quite count as heresy and may be an historical reference, but it brings home the fact that so many people still don’t ‘get’ craft and what an important part of our lives it is both culturally and socially.  We are skilled and we are motivated, so maybe it is time to show George just how vocal we can be.  Please join me by emailing George and copy the Today programme
I have prepared this short email which you can simply cut and paste to make it easier for you.
We look forward to telling you more about Planet Handmade soon.
Dear Mr Osborne
I know you have a lot on your mind, running an economy and all but I’m afraid I took great exception to your remark about knitting in your interview with John Humphries on The Today programme. I understand your literary reference but I don’t appreciate the inference.
You may not realise that accusing someone of knitting is no longer an insult.  In fact there are some 5 million people in the UK who can knit; brands such as innocent reguarly use knitting to promote social issues; there is clinical research into the benefits of knitting to help manage chronic pain and in the US it is used in the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress disorder.
Knitting requires great skill and is a craft that forms part of the backbone of British culture.  In fact the RSA recently commented that manufacturing AND craft were necessary to the future stability of our economy.
The House of Commons even has it’s own knitting group – maybe you should drop by?
So next time you make an off the cuff remark about knitting, sewing, baking or any craft please be aware how many voters you could be insulting.
With best wishes

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