Norwegian Nights

It has been a week since I got back from Norway and this is my first chance to post.  I travelled to see the Northern Lights with Arena Travel and a bunch of lovely knitters and quilters.  There was hardly any snow and no Aurora Borealis but we had such a wonderful time. Rather than try and put it into words I am just going to show you some picutres.

Hanseatic Houses


Traditional fastenings
Lovely hat

Husfliden in Bergen


The Project Debbie designed for us

Can’t remember where this is but it looks dramatic!

Another Yarn shop in Tromso

Debbie in another Husfliden

Seals skin slippers

Traditional dress in Tromso
Sunrise quickly followed by….

…. sunset

The Russian border and some snow at last

Reindeer fur is so soft.

3 comments on “Norwegian Nights

  1. Great photos Juliet! I wanted to take that Reindeer home!!!

  2. Looks like so much fun, particularly like the colours of all the houses and the reindeer.

  3. Great photos Juliet…I never saw those seal skin slippers and I think I'm glad I didn't! lol Love the pic of the Tromsø yarn shop…I didn't spend a lot of time in that shop as I think DH had had enough by then ♥

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