How many times have I recommended that someone do a tension square before starting a knitting project? I ‘m pretty sure I have written about it, maybe even given lectures. Why is it important? Because if the tension is out your garment won’t fit properly. I feel I should be banging my head against the wall with each syllable in that last sentence.
Just because I was knitting a lovely shrug by Sarah Hatton I thought I could get away with not doing a tension square. I mean what can go wrong with a shrug? Well, seemingly quite a lot especially if you go from a 4ply to a sport. What can I say. I goofed big style. The tension fairy must have aching ribs from laughing so much. I just thought that, because I am on holiday the usual rules didn’t apply, I learned my lesson and will have to do 100 tension squares as a pennance.
Still I brought another 5 projects with me so it’s not the end of the world.
Next up is a laceweight scarf design that is going in to DK.

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